The Police Breached The House Of Maine’s Shooter And Reported That Nothing Was Inside – Hours Later FBI Announced That They Found A Note That Could Change The Whole Case

The intense search for a gunman accused of killing 18 people and injuring 13 others at two Lewiston, Maine, businesses on Wednesday has stretched into a third day.

Investigators dramatically surrounded a home linked to the suspect on Thursday night but left the area about two hours later. Maine State Police confirmed that they were executing search warrants in Bowdoin, and it was unknown whether the suspect, Robert Card, was present. As they departed, a source told ABC News that there was “no expectation” the suspect would be apprehended at that location.

Instead of a manhunt they negotiated for hours with an empty house:

After the fiasco they announced that nothing was found inside.

Hours later FBI announced that they did find one evidence that could change the outcome of the whole case!

FBI investigators uncovered a mysterious note at the home of suspected Maine mass shooter Robert Card — as the US Coast Guard joins the massive manhunt for the fugitive.

Investigators are trying to determine if the note, the contents of which were not revealed, provides any answers to the motive behind the Wednesday night bloodbath.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard has launched a surveillance plane and boats out of Boothbay to join the manhunt for the accused mass killer that already includes local, county, state and federal agents, Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Third-Class Diolanda Caballero told NBC.

Card’s car was found near a boat launch in Lisbon nearly 8 miles from the shootings, authorities said.

George Rowe

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5 months ago

If they had did this to take the guns after he was put in a mental ins.18 people would be alive

Unknown Comic
5 months ago

FBI found a note overlooked by police? Maybe not. Did it say he was colluding with Russia? Did it say where Hillary has buried the bodies? Did it prove where Obama was really born? Who knows, it was “found by the FBI”.

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