Caught On Video: Pro-Hamas Protesters Chase Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Out Of A Movie Theater – She Acts Like Doctor Frankenstein When He’s Unable To Control The Monster He Created

Watch as a handful of pr-Hamas protesters chase United States Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a movie theater in Brooklyn, New York this evening.

The protesters claim she refused to acknowledge the genocide. AOC responded to the protesters, expressing frustration, saying, ‘This is messed up. You are lying. You’re going to cut it and take it out of context.

This is fucked up, man as she walks away.

Video below:

Relevant Transcript:

Protester #1: You refuse to call it a genocide.

AOC: I need you to understand that this is not okay.

Protester #1: It’s not okay that there’s a genocide happening, and you’re not actively against it.

AOC: You’re lying!

Protester #2: If you can’t say it, just say it. Literally, we’re just talking to you like normal people. Just say it’s a genocide. Just say it.

Over 30,000 people are dead AOC, you can’t just say it for once?

Just say the word, that’s it. That’s all we want you to say.

(both AOC and protesters are now outside)

Protester #3: Are you worried it (your response) will go viral?

AOC: You’re going to clip it (the video) and you’re going to take it out of context.

I already said it was! And y’all are just gonna pretend that it wasn’t. Over and over again.

“It’s f**ked up, man! And you’re not helping these people. You’re not helping them!

Protester #3 (confused): Why won’t you say it in front of everybody? Why us?

Maybe she should read her old Tweet again:

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George Rowe

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Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
3 months ago

Elected by the “people” of Bronx, NYC.

Hurry up, TEXIT !

Get us out of the sewer our old America has become.

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