Video: Chicago Mother Says That A County Judge Revoked Her Mother’s Parental Rights Over Vaccination Status – No MSM Coverage

For the past two weeks, Firlit has been able to speak to her son on the phone and via video calls, but has not seen him in person.

A mother from Chicago says a Cook County judge stripped her of her parental rights after learning she was not vaccinated against COVID-19.

All parties agree that it is a very unusual and perhaps unprecedented move: A judge at the Daley Center in Chicago has stripped of custody of Rebecca Firlit for refusing to get a vaccination.

Firlit and her ex-husband appeared in court through Zoom for a child support hearing involving their 11-year-old son. The two have been divorced for seven years and share custody and parental leave.

Out of the blue, she says Cook County judge James Shapiro asked her if she had been vaccinated. Firlit told Shapiro that she didn’t do this because she has had bad reactions to vaccines in the past.

Shapiro then ordered that Firlit be stripped of all parental leave with her son until she was vaccinated.

Video below:

The attorney representing the father, Jeffrey Leving, says they were also surprised by the judge’s decision, but they support the ruling saying that given the pandemic, the child should be protected from an unvaccinated mother.

Leving believes the judge is breaking new ground that could now play out in other custody cases. There is no timetable on when the appellate court will make its decision.

Bruce Hoenshell

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