Videos: Weather Channel Busted In Their Coverage Of Hurricane Ida- Utility Worker Trolls Fake News Reporter

On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, some forecasters said Hurricane Ida would be as intense as last year’s Laura and the Last Island Hurricane of 1856. Both were among the strongest storms on record to make landfall in Louisana.

According to CNN, about half a million people were without power in the region.

On Saturday, state and federal officials worked to get evacuation orders signed and emergency declarations in order. Sporting events and casinos were closed or postponed for the weekend. Mississippi schools were announced closed for Monday.

The situation is already serious and there is no need for the media to make things even more serious.

A quick clip caught a man doing a cartwheel during Weather Channel reporter Jim Cantore’s live shot on Sunday amid Hurricane Ida.

The ten-second clip shows the man, wearing a red shirt, making the gymnastic move and stumbling out of the live shot. Cantore leaned forward to brace himself against the wind, wearing a baseball batting helmet.

Video below:

In another video, Jim is looking like he is on his last legs but the situation at the moment is probably not that serious as a
utility worker trolls him.

Video below:

In another video weather channel, anchors look like they are blown away by the wind but right next to them there are people just passing by and act totally normal.

Video below:

In September 2018, Weather Channel reporter Mike Seidel got dragged on social media for his challenging walk amid the Hurricane Florence winds. The weathercaster walked in a large puddle of water in Wilmington, N.C., while two younger men walked behind him and away from the camera without any difficulties.

The channel defended Seidel, saying that “it was important to know that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete.”

George Rowe

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2 years ago

My son actually watched them cover weather on a hurricane that was suppose to hit the west side of Florida a few years back. He said they set up big fans to blow on the reporters to represent the stronger winds to help FAKE their reports. He and his friends had a great laugh before they went to the beach with their dogs for the afternoon. What a worthless scam broadcasting channel they have become!!

Vegas Vic
Vegas Vic
2 years ago

“stumbling”? plus what make’s ’em think he was a utility worker?

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