Idiots on ‘The View’ Whine About Racism… IMMEDIATELY GET SHUT DOWN (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg and her liberal talk show The View is losing rating with every new show so maybe it’s time for them to stop the act and quit! They know most of Americans hate them and will never watch them again!

Wednesday on The View, the panel opened the conversation with shock and dismay at news that Donald Trump’s Department of Justice was preparing to investigate university’s affirmative action policies to see if they are racist towards white students. Unsurprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg and her liberal friends quickly had an absolute meltdown about this.

Watch the video below!

Via NewsBusters:

“Is affirmative action racist against white people?” Whoopi introduced the topic.

A visibly frustrated host Sara Haines answered immediately:

“No. There was a systemic racism that remains in this country and if we want to catch up from decades of people starting in a staggered way and not playing on a fair ground you have to do this to allow diversity,” she gushed. She added that she was “disturbed” that the Justice Department was using funds from the civil rights division to undergo the investigation.

“They’re making a statement aren’t they?” host Sunny Hostin shook her head. “They’re making a statement about the values of this administration,” she stated.

“Well, it’s like a double slap in the face!” Haines remarked.

After hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Hostin justified an affirmative action based on how things used to be, host Jedediah Bila asked them if in “today’s world” it still was needed. Hostin asked Bila with a smirk: “Do you really think that the playing field is even?”

“Are we at this evil [sic] playing the field? Are we where we want to be as a society and I think the resounding question is no,” Hostin continued.

Outspoken host Joy Behar finally added her two cents, of course bringing Trump into the equation:

“I was going to say I think we’re in a period in history that we have to be very vigilant because there are assaults on all sorts of civil rights going on this Trump administration. For example, they attacked sexual assaults on campuses. They don’t quite think that’s an issue. Transgenders in the military. We heard that last week about how they suddenly want to discriminate against soldiers who are transgender. Access to voting. I mean the voter ID laws. Making old people who don’t drive show a picture ID. They don’t have a picture ID. Discrimination protections for gay employees. This is something that came out this week. What is happening is there seems to be a systemic eroding of civil rights that we have been working for since World War II.”

Hey View, time to get out of the 1950s, or give us concrete examples of admissions racism happening today.

What do you think about this?

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Alex D.

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Geraldine Brown
5 years ago

I wished we didn’t give this show any credibility , they love it and is making money off this kind of publicity. They don’t deserve it.

Brad Redding
Brad Redding
5 years ago

Has long has there is money to be made the TV station will never remove the view. This show is no more creditable than Jerry Springer. At least Jerry’s show was designed to be the way it was. But you now can place the view in the same league and the idiots are going to continue to be idiots and idiots are going to continue to watch.

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