Whoopi Goldberg Might Be Fired By ABC

ABC cancel the whole show. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have destroyed The View. Whoopi should executive produce from behind the scenes. Her personality is best behind the scenes. Let Sunny moderate and then get a younger person to represent millennials for the panel. NOT AN ENTERTAINER!

Whoopi is demanding around $1.5 million raise, which would make her salary a total of $3.5 million. In addition, she wants an executive producer credit and an ABC executive, who happens to be her enemy, to be fired.

According to Daily Mail, “She wants this one ABC executive off the show,” a source revealed. “She blames this person for trying to turn The View into Good Morning America with the rotating hosts and contributors and doesn’t want that exec involved in the show anymore.”

To be more specific, Whoopi wants an executive producer credit so that she will be able to have more control of what goes on behind the scenes of The View.

“She is tired of having to answer to people that she doesn’t feel like are worthy of their positions,” the source said. “So she wants to be an executive producer of the show so that she has a seat at the decision-making table and can have more control over the things going on.”

Whoopi is so entitled that she actually thinks she deserves $3.5 million for her role on the show.

“She’s asking for no less than $3.5 million a year to return. She feels that she helped this show turn the corner again in the ratings and knows she plays a huge factor in its success,” the source continued. “She wants them to pay her what she thinks she’s worth, despite the fact the network is crying budget concerns.”

I would especially be glad to see Whoopi leave the show. I am also tired of Joy because her humor is sometimes disgusting. However, Whoopi really overwhelms the conversations with her opinions like no one else’s counts. She talks like an ignorant slum person that never had an education, she certainly can’t speak in a fluent or polished manner, which is fine if you aren’t trying to express and intelligent thought.

For years I loved Whoopi in her movies and she has put out a few good ones where you really love her character. She should stick to what she does best, acting in good family movies. Wish she would go back to that and leave the intelligent talk shows to people that are skilled at that. Has anybody seen the new HARRY show? Now that is a very refreshing new show. I wish the View could get some really talented people on their show like Harry’s new show! The View has lost its life and humor.

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Alex D.

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