Video Shows A Deaf-Mute Man Who Appears To Have No Arms Committing An Armed Robbery – Cops Don’t Know How To Charge Him

This is something that you’ve just got to see it to believe it.

A paralyzed and ute teenager in Brazil held up a jewelry store with a gun, but he doesn’t have use of his arms and hand. One report suggested that he didn’t even have any, but I haven’t been able to verify that information.

How this even happened is beyond my understanding. I mean, I understand that people without hands or who are unable can and do learn to do things with their feet, but I’m still failing to understand how he could do this.

If he were an ape with an opposable toe, then I could understand how this would have been possible, but I can’t even begin to understand how I would be able to effectively shoot a handgun or even hold it with my feet. I think that I would for sure drop it.

The security cameras of a jewelry store recorded an unusual robbery, an armless criminal holding a gun with his feet, threatened the clerk and the rest of the people who were in the place.⁣⁣⁣⁣
In the images, you can see how the subject shows some skill pointing the gun with his feet while directing his movements with the help of the wheelchair where he moves.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Video below:

The video is slowly becoming viral and as much as people want to see this most of the accounts spread fake news that this incident happened in America!

The astonishing incident unfolded Monday afternoon at a shop in Canela, Rio Grande de Sul, when the 19-year-old placed a threatening note on the counter using his feet.

The note from the suspect, who authorities say has cerebral palsy and cannot move his hands, read: ‘Hand over everything. Don’t raise attention.’

The teen used his feet to place a note on the counter. The Portuguese written note said: ‘Hands off everything. Don’t raise attention’

‘A guy back there saw it and called 911.’

The police arrived and arrested the teenager, who was also in possession of a knife.

A family member was allowed to assist officers questioning the teen at the precinct because of his disability, before he was later released from custody.

City delegate Vladimir Medeiros initiated an investigation into the failed robbery

‘It must be considered that, given the elements initially brought to the police station, it would possibly be an impossible crime to be consummated, especially if you considered the physical condition of the [person being] investigated, also due to the unlikelihood of escape,’ Medeiros said.

According to local media reports, the gun was not real but the police didn’t mention anything in their official statement!

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