Video: Man Tells Jill Biden “Your Husband’s The Worst President We’ve Ever Had” – Her Answer Speaks Volumes

Jill Biden spent part of Wednesday in New Haven, promoting the president’s American Rescue Plan.

The First Lady, the U.S. Secretary of Education and Gov. Ned Lamont checked in with kids at the Horizons National Summer Learning Program. The visit was part of the First Lady’s tour across the country to highlight how the plan is supporting students in getting caught up through summer learning programs.

“A lot of us missed a lot of time, a lot of days. It was so hard to learn over Zoom, didn’t you think? So what my husband did … he called on Horizons and he said, ‘Horizons, can you come in and can you teach our kids and make it so much fun?'” Biden told students.

During her visit, she stopped for ice cream with Gov. Ned Lamont (D) at a Arethusa Farm Dairy shop. On her way in Biden was heckled by a man who yelled, “Your husband’s the worst president we’ve ever had!” Biden waved and yelled back, “Thank you!” as the man continued his heckling saying, “You owe us gas money! You owe us gas money! You owe us gas money!”

Her answer shows how muck our ruling class is out of reality!

Video below:

She isn’t interested in what the American people think about her husband!

Rules for thee but not for me!

They will be never held responsible for anything and while Joe is destroying every decent thing in our country she is just ignoring the common people.

Local news WTNH-TV showed a video of Jill Biden arriving at the ice cream shop as seen above–but with the anchors talking over the heckler so he could not be heard by viewers.

Jill Biden’s been on a roll lately.

Her latest scandal came when Jill hit the trail herself, and called Hispanics “breakfast tacos,” and she caught hellfire and brimstone for that crack.

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George Rowe

I'm shrewd, passionate, learned and energetic, God-fearing and patriotic. I've done a fine job reintroducing good old American conservatism to a new generation of Americans. I've earned the love and friendship of many, the hatred of some, but the respect of all.

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1 year ago

I just would like to know when is she going to stop wear her grandma’s couch coverings.
Get a new designer, fer pity’s’ sake.

1 year ago

At last – finally someone makes Harding look really great.

1 year ago

“DR” Jill Biden is only interested in being First Lady.

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 year ago

Ma Biden is as stupid as the old man if not more so what a crooked lying pos the whole clan is and all crooks every one.Ma is not doing Brandon any good by shooting off her big mouth all it does is show how far out of the main stream they really are.What a fool she is

1 year ago

Ice cream shop–should be home in the basement changing OLD SLOW JOE’S –depends–must be messy when he eats too much cholate– But she is DR.JILL and someone must do the dirty work???

1 year ago

She is not the top act in this ‘Weekend at Bernies’ remake.. but she’s definitely on that list of cast members (who became famous for childishly carting a dead and stinking cadaver around…).


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