Video: Joe Biden Attacks Reporters For Trying To Ask Him Questions – His Easter Bunny Comes To The Rescue Yet Again

Biden’s handlers came up with a new way to deflect when Joe has one of his “cognitive spells,” he simply fluffs it off with a self-deprecating joke, and the audience awkwardly laughs.

The entire “Alzheimer’s moment” is just laughed off, and brushed aside as if it’s some normal, everyday occurrence.

However when he needs to face reporters his handlers are doing everything they can to remove the reporters or to keep them quiet!

Their failed attempt to put a handler into an Easter bunny was a really stupid way to take Joe away from reporters!

Back on Easter Biden appeared to be directed away from answering a question about Afghanistan by the Easter bunny.

Mr. Biden was chatting to visitors at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll event when the unlikely chaperone sidled up next to him.
Video below:

I have a feeling the Handlers are longing for the days when they could just toss Joe in the basement with a bowl of tapioca and call it a day.

However, much to their chagrin, Joe has to keep pretending to be “president,” and that means traveling.

And right now Biden is in Germany at the G-7 summit, and the Handlers must be extra jumpy because they went into full panic mode, when a reporter dared to ask Biden a question.

Well, it seems that his “Easter Bunny” was in action again a few days ago at the G7 summit!

Video below:

However, the same person came to the rescue again today in Spain at the G7 summit.

Biden got angry and attacked the reporters for asking him questions but the “Easter Bunny” was there to rescue POTUS.

Video below:

Here’s what people had to say about it online:

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George Rowe

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1 month ago

So The Joetato is an incoherent mess. How is that a revelation after, what, 18 months in office? Joe Biden was a corrupt, dishonest, incompetent moron in the 1970s, and also a bit of a bully to boot. A serial plagiarist, braggart, liar and buffoon, today’s version of Joe is a diminished version of the man who never really had that far to fall to begin with.

And while his increasing outbursts and visible signs of frustration are classic signs of cognitive decline, it’s dangerous and manifestly unfair to make unqualified diagnoses from afar. That said, it’s clear that Joe Biden has always been a liar, a bully and an a**hole and I think we can all agree that time hasn’t been kind to him.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sandman
1 month ago
Look up every body while I fondle this little girl's breast.
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