Video: Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Climate Change And His Handlers Are Trying To Save The Situation – Moments Later He Announced He’ll Shut Down Coal Plants All Over The USA

In a move that surely had his tapioca dealers talking themselves back from the ledge, the President stated that they would be shutting down coal-fired power plants ‘across America’.

West Virginia may be the first state that comes to mind when one thinks of coal country, but Pennsylvania is a close second and is home to one of the key senate races of this election.

Democrat senate hopeful, Fetterman, was likely stunned by Biden’s recklessness … and her husband probably was too.

Video below:

I still don’t think Joe Biden understands how the internet works. He thinks if he says something like this to the people of California, who love this kind of silliness, the people in PA won’t actually hear about it until Wednesday morning – the day after the election. After all, Biden still thinks he’s living in 1992 and can tell everyone, from all different groups, what they want to hear, with no ramifications of blowback.

For all you swing state voters:

Pennsylvania has 24 coal power plants
Joe Manchin’s state has 18
North Carolina has 15
Ohio has 15
Michigan has 13
Wisconsin has 12
Colorado has 12
Arizona has 9
Georgia has 9
New Hampshire has 4
Nevada has 3

However, maybe the biggest blunder of the night came moments before this stunning confession! Biden tried to put his climate change agenda back in the spotlight but he unintentionally said the quiet part out loud.

Video below:

While he was speaking someone pointed out the obvious problem in his speech and he started talking in a different tone!

His handlers acted quickly and pointed out to the mainstream media to paint this blunder as a joke!


BIDEN: “I know you all know there’s no climate problem. I know you know that, so I spent a lot of time in Arizona, New Mexico, California, all through — flew up and down this state with your governor, and those wildfires. I know that just happened. Come on. We finally got to the point where no one is denying we have a climate problem.”

When he uses his famous “COME ON” we all know that he’s lying about something!

While his handlers are trying to convince everyone that Joe is attempting sarcasm which is actually scripted sarcasm we all know that this was a Freudian slip.

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