Watch-ISIS Radicals Attack Israeli Soldiers… Learn It’s Worst Mistake of Their Lives (video)

It has been noted that while the Islamic State group has wreaked brutal havoc and committed incredible atrocities across Syria and Iraq, they had yet to launch any sort of attack against Israel — despite repeated vows to eventually destroy the Jewish nation — until now.

According to The New York Times, a local jihadist outfit affiliated with the Islamic State group located in southern Syria opened fire on a reconnaissance patrol of Israeli Defense Force troops operating in the Golan Heights border area.

An armored vehicle containing four jihadists used a mounted machine gun and mortar tube to rain fire down on the Israeli troops, but the response they received may have been more than they bargained for.

The Israelis returned fire with their own machine guns and mortars before eventually calling in an airstrike that destroyed the armored vehicle, killing the four jihadists inside.

CBS News reported on a statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praising the successful effort of his troops in fending off the unexpected attack.

“We are well prepared on our northern border and will not allow Islamic State elements or any other hostile elements to use the war in Syria to establish themselves close to our borders,” stated Netanyahu during his weekly cabinet address.

Indeed, though the horrific civil war has been raging in Syria since 2011, Israel has remained largely untouched, save for a few sporadic incidents of accidental border incursions or stray fire landing in Israeli territory, incidents to which Israel has generally responded with great restraint.

A report on the attack by the U.K. Express noted that retired Israeli general Nitzan Nuriel said, “A direct attack like that on Israeli activities on the Israeli side of the border — this is the first time.

“They know exactly what the Israeli response would be,” he continued. “An Israeli front is the last thing ISIS needs at this stage.”

Nuriel added that he didn’t think the attack had been ordered by Islamic State group commanders in the “capital” of Raqqa, but was merely “local hotheads” taking the initiative to launch an attack on their own.

It remained to be seen if Nuriel’s assumption of the attack being purely local was correct or if it instead signaled a shift in the Islamic State group’s strategy toward Israel, perhaps seeking to score a propaganda win while facing increasing pressure on their northern front in Syria and in the east around Mosul in Iraq.

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ISIS Opens Fire on Israeli Forces – Israel Pounds Them Into Sand with Airstrikes!

Posted by US Conservative on Monday, November 28, 2016

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