New CCTV Footage Shows The Moment The Champlain Towers Collapsed In Surfside, Florida- There Is Speculation That McAfee’s Files Were In That Building

Firefighters were extricating dozens of people from a battered high-rise condominium building near Miami on Thursday after part of the structure collapsed into a mammoth pile of rubble leaving at least one person dead, authorities said.

Raide Jadallah, assistant fire chief of operations for Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, said 35 people were pulled from the partially collapsed building at Champlain Towers South. Two more were rescued from the debris, he said. More than 80 technical and rescue teams were on the scene in Surfside, a few miles north of Miami Beach.

Watch the (CCTV) surveillance video of the moment when the Champlain Towers South Condo building collapsed in Florida’s Surfside early this morning.

There are little flashes happening before both pieces go down but they are probably electrical wiring being torn apart causing sparks and flashes.

Interior footage caught the collapse of the building:

The Champlain Towers South Condo at 8777 Collins Ave is 40 years old. It was completed in 1981 with more than 100 units.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett confirmed that at least one person had died.

“The building is literally pancaked,” Burkett said. “That is heartbreaking because it doesn’t mean to me that we are going to be as successful as we wanted to be in finding people alive.”

More from Surfside, FL, Mayor Charles W. Burkett:

“There’s no reason for this building to go down like that unless someone literally pulls out the supports from underneath, or they get washed out or there’s a sinkhole …”

“It’s less likely than a lightning strike. It just doesn’t happen. You don’t see buildings falling down in America, and here we had a building literally falling down.”

— Surfside, FL, Mayor Charles W. Burkett on overnight condo collapse

There is speculation that McAfee’s files were in that building.

A reporter asked the mayor a really “strange” question!


Mr.Mayor, there are speculations that McAfee’s files were in that building!


Video below:

JOHN McAfee who died today claimed he had been collecting files on government corruption and threatened they would be released if he ever died in social media posts years before his reported suicide.

The tech pioneer claimed in the 2019 tweets that “incriminating data” would be released if he was arrested or disappeared, as he said that those involved would be “crazy to kill me or collect me.”

He had previously claimed in social media posts that if he was ever found dead from suicide that he had not killed himself as he alleged US officials were targeting him.

35 people were pulled from the collapsed building so far. Search and rescue efforts ongoing.


Bruce Hoenshell

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