60 Minute’s Mike Wallace Tries To Get Morgan Freeman To Cry ‘Racism’ … His Reply Is Perfect

The more we label people and things racially, the more it contributes to the racial divide. There should be no such thing as white history and black history: just history. As long as we label each other, we will not see that we are all the same. We are unique but we are of the same at heart. Please, let us quit contributing to the division!!!!

Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman sends us the same message.

A few years ago Morgan Freeman had an interview with the former 60 Minutes icon Mike Wallace, where he was asked about Black History Month.

When Wallace tried to ask Freeman a question about Black History Month, Freeman answered: Ridiculous!

That’s when Wallace asked: “Why?”, so Freeman answered him: You’re going to relegate my history to a month? What do you do with yours? Which month is white history month? Well, c’mon, c’mon tell me.”

Here is the total exchange:

Wallace: Um, … I’m Jewish.

Freeman: Okay, which month is Jewish history month?

Wallace: Er, there isn’t one.

Freeman: Oh, why not? Do you want one?

Wallace: No.

Freeman: Alright, I don’t want one either. I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.

Wallace: (searching) How we gonna get rid of racism until…

Freeman: Stop talking about it! I’m going to stop calling you a white man. And, I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.”

Mike Wallace got schooled. The lesson for today: Don’t mess with Morgan Freeman, he’s way smarter than you.

Mr. Freeman, you have my respect! This man exemplifies an individual with common sense, respect for others and self-dignity. He’s been consistent with his views for years. He is a combination of values, morals, common sense and intellect. He knows who he is!

We are all human first,t independent of standard groupings. Not defined by the color of our skin but by who we are. No matter what color, gender or nationality you are, this is a good lesson for us all. Very inspiring.

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Natalie D.

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