Latest Polls: Elizabeth Warren At Risk Of Losing Her Senate Seat In 2018

A WBUR-FM poll released Monday suggests that Senator Elizabeth Warren could face issues with her 2018 reelection campaign.
But while Warren might be the Dems’ new hope for becoming the first female president in 2020  a new poll from her home state suggests that she may want to focus on holding her Senate seat in Massachusetts before setting her sites on the White House.

According to a new poll from WBUR, 46% of registered voters in Massachusetts would like to “give someone else a chance” in the Senate while only 44% say Warren “deserves reelection.”

Fox News reported that Warren has been so focused on taking down Trump that she appears to have lost control of her own state.

Now, her Senate seat in Massachusetts is in jeopardy, as she only has the support of 44% of the state. Meanwhile, 46% say that Warren does not deserve a second term, and her overall approval rating is only at 51%.

“She is absolutely vulnerable. When she should be working for the people of the state, she is spending her time antagonizing the president,” said Massachusetts Republican state Rep. Geoff Diehl, who is considering a 2018 Senate run. “She might as well be running for chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.”

Donald Brand, a political science professor at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, also said that Warren may be in trouble in the next election.
“Off-year elections are more of a challenge for Democrats nationwide,” Brand said. He added that a loss in the state election might destroy her presidential dreams forever.

“It would be a national embarrassment if she were defeated. Even if she wins and it’s a close election, she’s much weaker going into 2020,” Brand said.

Alex D.

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