Jorge Ramos This Is The New America, Get Used To It Or Go Back To Mexico

Jorge Ramos once said that Donald Tump is not his boss! Ramos is right that Trump is not his boss.

Univision’s viewers are, and this most recent performance review is vicious – something that Ramos should humbly take into account going forward.

What he has to understand is  If he came legally, he should be backing that all others do the same.

He stated all the reasons that it is better to live in the USA than Mexico, but now that isn’t good enough. Here’s your participation trophy now go back to Mexico If you hate it so much here.

Jorge himself never talked about why if he hates Trump’s America he didn’t go back to Mexico!

At least not until now!

“I no longer recognize this country. I’ve always publicly acknowledged that the United States gave me opportunities that Mexico, my country of origin, did not. But decades after I arrived here, the anti-immigrant rhetoric being turned into policy under Donald Trump has made me realize that I just don’t recognize this country anymore.”

“In the early 1980s, moving to the U.S. meant that I could speak freely. As a journalist in Mexico, I was censored. Moreover, the U.S. provided me with a job and economic opportunities that I couldn’t have found anywhere else.

With boundless generosity, America protected me and granted me the same rights as any other citizen, even though I was an immigrant. I work here. I vote here. My children were born here.”

“All I want is for new immigrants to enjoy the same opportunities that I—and millions of others throughout American history—have received. But for the moment, Trump is making that impossible.”

Ramos had a student visa, and he used the system to had a residency and eventually a citizen.

So Jorge if this is the country that you can’t live in, you are free to go back in Mexico!

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Alex D.

Alex D.

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