Hannity And O’Reilly Thinking Of Teaming Up At New Network! Do You Support Them?

Legendary television host Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News after a series of sexual harassment allegations against him leaked to the public.

The decision devastated millions of O’Reilly’s loyal fans, who had watched him on Fox News for over two decades.

After O’Reilly’s termination, the ratings at Fox News took a YUGE dive – they actually finished in 3rd place for the first time in nearly two decades.

Hannity was also under attack recently for covering a story about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, giving left-wingers an opening to cry “conspiracy theory” and also gave Media Matters an opportunity to publish a list of his advertisers on its Twitter feed.

A few advertisers bailed on Hannity’s program, including military services firm USAA, but a public outcry followed.

Now, O’Reilly and Sean Hannity could possibly be teaming up…

Here is the video:

Rumors have spun that O’Reilly may jump on the Newsmax team as he was recently added as a contributor. The One America News Network has also been attempting to recruit O’Reilly. All the while, huge conservative power people are planning to launch another cable news network to rival FOX News, which has been slowly shifting to the Left.
But this latest idea would be welcomed by many conservatives around!

What do you think would you like to Sean and Bill together again?

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Alex D.

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