Ultra-Lib Celebrity Admits To Using “Witchcraft” Against Trump

The spell is meant to curtail Trump’s power without causing harm. Whether or not such a spell is taught at Hogwarts is up for debate.

Never one to betray her brand, moon queen Lana Del Rey has expectedly joined the masses of witches worldwide in their quest to vanquish Donald Trump.

In the interview with Britain’s New Musical Express (a publicity refuge for the talentless and meretriciously controversial if there ever was one), Del Rey explained that she decided to put a hex against the president because, and I quote, “I do a lot of s***.


And because Lana’s a good witch (though maybe also a little bit satanic), she’s not spilling centuries-old witch secrets.

Lana asks that you please just Google the ingredients to the spell rather than sneak a peek at her Book of Shadows.


Del Rey giving the interview to promote her new album “Lust For Life,” an album that preemptively addresses the question of whether or not Del Rey has developed any semblance of originality by ripping off the title of Iggy Pop’s most famous work.

During the interview, Del Rey was asked whether or not a mysterious tweet from February was part of a hex against President Trump.

“Yeah, I did it,” Del Rey said. “Why not? Look, I do a lot of s***.”

On that last part: yes, I know. I heard your first album, which was more than enough for me.

She was then asked whether she did other spells at home.

“I’m in line with Yoko and John and the belief that there’s a power to the vibration of a thought,” Del Rey said. “Your thoughts are very powerful things and they become words, and words become actions, and actions lead to physical changes.”


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