Greta Van Susteren Fired By MSNBC

MSNBC just lost their only valuable asset!

She’s too good for MSNBC. They’re beneath her and her talent and truthfulness.

Van Susteren tweeted Thursday afternoon that “I am out at MSNBC.” The network confirmed it and said she will be replaced at the 6 p.m. hour by a show hosted by Ari Melber.

Van Susteren started her nightly show on MSNBC on Jan. 9. She was a longtime host at Fox News Channel but left the network last summer. She’s had the cable news hat trick: programs on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Van Susteren, 63, only learned the news on Thursday afternoon, while she was busy preparing for her show later that day
Greta Van Susteren has lost her nightly show on MSNBC, not quite six months after she started at the network.
‘They let her go,’ her husband and manager John Coale told CNNMoney.

We’re working out contract issues now.’

Van Susteren will not appear on the network again, and Chief Legal Analyst Ari Melber will be taking over for her in the 6pm hour.

This will be Melber’s first time serving as host of a show on the network.

MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren have decided to part ways,’aid network head Phil Griffin in an internal memo on Thursday.

‘Greta is a well-regarded television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they’ve hosted shows at all three major cable news networks.’

He then added: ‘We are grateful to her and wish her the best.’

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