Close-Up Camera Captures What’s In Between Buoys GOP Gov. Installed Along Border – The Left Is Freaking Out

The U.S.-Mexico border now has a floating border fence or floating border wall as some local folks are calling it. Texas has installed this wall in the Rio Grande to try to deter migrants from crossing. It’s a string of bright orange buoys about the length of three soccer fields with webbing underneath to make it hard to swim below. Now, Mexico objects to this barrier. The U.S. Justice Department has sued Texas, arguing that the barrier poses environmental and humanitarian concerns. Texas governor Republican Greg Abbott is standing firm. Well, Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro is there.

Video below:

And he made things even worse by calling others to help!

A group of civil rights advocates, aid workers, journalists, and politicians inspected the string of wrecking ball-sized buoys, which is the centerpiece of what Gov. Greg Abbott calls Operation Lone Star.

From Texas Public Radio:

On a recently early morning in Eagle Pass, Jesse Fuentes led a fact-finding kayak group to see Gov. Greg Abbott’s floating border wall in Eagle Pass. It the centerpiece of Operation Lone Star, his controversial program to deter illegal immigration.

“We’re gonna take our time. It should be a slow paddle, maybe about an hour,” Fuentes told the group of civil rights advocates, aid workers, journalists, and politicians on the kayak tour.

Visitors could see that the Texas side of the river is a wall of steel cargo containers and miles of coiled razor wire. There is also razor wire under the water’s surface, which poses a hazard to anyone who might stumble upon it.

The tour soon came across people stranded in the water — they were migrants looking for an opening in the razor wire so they could enter Texas.

The Washington Examiner reported that the 1,000-foot-long wall of buoys was installed in July between Eagle Pass, Texas, and Piedras Negras, Coahuila state, in Mexico.

According to Texas Public Radio, illegal immigrants can’t swim under the border, as it’s floating in shallow water, and thick cables attached to concrete bases prevents it.

Furthermore, anyone trying to climb over the barrier will face serious injury from either serrated metal blades between the buoys or razor wire on the opposite shore.

It’s the former tactic that’s drawn some ire from Very Online™ liberals, with one conservation activist saying Abbott “wants more migrants to die.”

Here’s a close-up video from the “floating border wall”

In recent days, bodies of migrants were discovered near the buoy barrier.

Texas officials say the men likely drowned upstream. One body was caught in the buoys.

The Biden administration wants the barrier removed. The Department of Justice sued Abbott and said the buoys block navigable waterways, threaten public safety, and violate treaties with Mexico.

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Bruce Hoenshell

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Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
10 months ago

Don’t want to bleed to death in that muddy river ?


America is not a dumping ground for Third World trash.

4 months ago

It’s called a boarder for a reason and it is not only Texas’s job to guard it, but the US government’s as well. Millions of military aged men (along with a VERY small number of women and children) carrying biological weapons of mass destruction (fatal diseases once eradicated in the US) is called an invasion!

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