Video: Black Trump-Supporting Father And Son Went To The Congo To Overthrow The Government And It Didn’t Go Well

One American is dead and another was left begging for his life after a botched coup was stopped in its tracks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Chilling footage caught the moment two of the plotters were seized trying to flee the country across the Congo River before groveling for mercy to Congolese soldiers as they lay bleeding in the street.

Marcel Malanga, 21, accompanied his former refugee father Christian to the central African country from their home in Utah to lead the coup against the autocratic government of President Felix Tshisekedi.

Marcel’s social media shows him supporting Trump here in the United States, showing off his money, guns, and diamonds.

Video below:

Marcel’s mother is now speaking out after the failed coup attempt, saying her son is an “innocent boy” following his father.

“This was an innocent boy following his father. I’m so tired of all the videos being post all over and being sent to me. God will take care of you people! Karmas a b****!'”

The father and son duo led a group of a couple of dozen men, a few of whom were reportedly American, and tried forcing their way into the government complex in Congo.

Christian Malanga was shot and killed while resisting arrest.

Marcel appeared to be a normal American kid. He played football at Copper Hills High School in Utah.

He also was a Trump supporter according to his TT.

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George Rowe

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25 days ago

I dont believe these were “Trump supporters”. More likely they were CIA and prefilmed themselves as Trump supporters just in case.

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