Notre Dame Students Walked Out on Pence’s Speech

College used to be a place for young adults to open their minds to different points of views and to grow into mature adults with their own thoughts. Now, colleges are a place where liberals jam their leftist agendas down student’s throats and basically teach them to completely close their minds, to hate everyone who does not agree with them, to fear words, and run and hide if anyone talks to them that is not a liberal.

Colleges are supposed to prepare young people to enter the workforce in the real world, instead, they are creating a society of weak minded people that are out of touch with reality. No employer is going to designate safe zones for them to run to and cry when someone hurts their feelings by simply saying something that they don’t agree with.

A large group of Notre Dame students protested Mike Pence’s speech as commencement speaker for views he holds that are perfectly in line with Catholic social teaching. Watch the video below!

According to Allen B. West, Notre Dame is a Catholic university.

“It’s deeply humbling for me to participate in the 172nd commencement in Notre Dame’s 175th year,” Pence said to robust applause.

It’s not clear to what safe space the perpetually aggrieved liberal snowflakes hastily retreated.

The protest took the form of a walkout, with a few dozen students getting up and walking out as Pence began his speech. The University boasts roughly 12,000 students, so the walkout has to be compared in the context of a graduating class of around 3,000 or so students.

Not long after the students involved got up and began to walk away, you could hear loud boos:

I say if students walk out of a commencement speech then they don’t graduate, they might as well get prepared for the real world because if they walk out on their boss at a job then they won’t have a job.

Liberals!! So full of hate! You must stop hating. We must have peace in our country. We had an election, Trump won. Do you want to start a war? Do elections still have to mean to Democrats, or is winning now done with the sword, the fist, the gun? War is to be avoided like the plague!

However, the lawless spoiled force will not be tolerated. Be wise and seek peace and respect or you may not like what you are bringing! You had better grow up!

What do you think about this?

Alex D.

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