Sicilians Prepared Special Gelato “The Trump Cup” Ahead Of G7 Summit

It is so sad when people all over the world respect our president, and people right here in our own country disrespect him so badly.

US President Donald Trump is meeting leaders of the world’s other major economies at his first G7 summit, held in a cliff-top hotel in Sicily.

They are discussing foreign policy and security, with the Manchester bombing casting a shadow over the meeting.

A tough debate is expected on issues like trade and climate change, already raised in Brussels at talks between Mr. Trump and EU leaders on Thursday.

European Council chief Donald Tusk predicted a difficult summit.

But everything is not that dark and tough!

Italians love Donald Trump and they showed their appreciation with a special “The Donald Gelato”

Italians want to show their support for our president and they show it with their food which is their legacy!

The Telegraph reported:

Only in Italy would a tribute to an American president take the form of a big dollop of ice cream.

As Donald Trump prepares to descend on the clifftop town of Taormina in Sicily for the G7 summit, a gelateria has come up with a special ice cream it is calling The Trump Cup.

Three scoops of gelato in red, white and blue represent the US flag, while the piece de la resistance is a wisp of spun sugar, to evoke the Republican President’s peculiar hair style.

“The sugar will be bright orange or yellow,” said Beata Kornafel, 37, from behind the counter of the Fanaberia gelateria on the cobbled main street of Taormina.

“We’re using local almonds for the white gelato and wild strawberries from the slopes of Mt Etna for the red. It’s a very Sicilian creation.”  She’s even had her nails painted with tiny Stars and Stripes to mark the President’s arrival.

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Alex D.

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