G7 Summit: Donald Trump Calls Germany’s Trade Policy ‘bad, very bad’ And He Pledged To Lower Foreign Car Imports In The USA

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday intensified his accusations that NATO allies were not spending enough on defense and warned of more attacks like this week’s Manchester bombing unless the alliance did more to stop militants.But now he has gone one step further and stunned the world with his latest statement!

Donald Trump has attacked German trade policy for being “bad, very bad” and he pledged to limit US car imports from the country.

At a meeting with European Union leaders in Brussels on Thursday, Mr. Trump reportedly said: “Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US. Terrible. We will stop this,” German news magazine Der Spiegel reported, citing people who attended the talks.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly criticized Germany’s large trade surplus with the US, which he said hurts US manufacturers. In January, he threatened to hit German car imports with a 35 per cent tax.

If you go down Fifth Avenue everyone has a Mercedes Benz in front of his house,” he told Germany’s Bild newspaper in January.

“I would tell BMW that if you are building a factory in Mexico and plan to sell cars to the USA, without a 35 percent tax, then you can forget that,” Mr. Trump said.

“How many Chevrolets do you see in Germany? Not very many, maybe none at all … it’s a one-way street.”

At about an hour’s meeting, Trump first met with President Donald Tusk and Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker, after about 45 minutes, other members of the European Parliament came, including the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and the EU’s chief diplomat Federica Mogherini.

Well I can’t wait to see how the mainstream media will try and twist the story already we have some headlines like Donald Trump:” The Germans are evil, very evil”

Which is not true because the White House economic advisor Gary Cohn explained the President’s remarks.

“He said they’re very bad on trade but he doesn’t have a problem with Germany. He said his dad is from Germany. He said ‘I don’t have a problem with Germany, I have a problem with German trade,”

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