MSNBC Counterterrorism Analyst Demanded ISIS To Bomb Trump Tower

It is very sad that the man who is doing everything he can in order to make our country even better place to live in, do not get the respect he truly deserves. It’s a shame that some people do not respect the president of the United States. Dragging him through the dirt all the time shows how disgusting these people are.

In a sick Tweet, MSNBC counterterrorism analyst Malcolm Nance just demanded ISIS destroy Trump Tower by blowing it up. He tweeted an image of the President’s Tower in Istanbul, and wrote: “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

“Trump Tower Istanbul/ After seeing Trump’s congrats to Erdogan for winning his RIGGED election I’m worried our FP is directed by property.”

We are tired of all the violence and negativity. He’s our president. Nance quickly took down the post, but the damage was already done. This is beyond hateful and there is a real danger this type of stupidity will lead to some idiot trying to actually do something bad to our President’s property or even worse…on the President himself.

Even some of Nance’s supporters warned him of the possible consequences his tweet may have by saying: “Be careful. It sounds like you’re encouraging it. They’ll jump all over that.”

So… a “counter-terrorism analyst”? He sounds more like a terrorist planner to me.

Never mind for all the innocent people in the tower. Never mind of everything other than hurting Trump. But for sure he put extreme meaning to this old saying …” it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool. Then open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Should MSNBC fire Nance because for his call for ISIS to bomb Trump Tower? What do you think?
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Natalie D.

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