Monday Mood! Here’s The Jaw-Dropping White Dress Melania Wore At The White House Knocked Interns’ Socks Off

So proud to have a beautiful First Lady who dresses appropriately and always looks classy. She wears dresses at a tasteful length, so she will remain ladylike when she is seated……. no tugging at the hem to keep things covered…….. so proud of her

And liberal fashionistas who hate her are green with envy at this stunning First Lady..they have nobody in their stables who can even come close to her.

FLOTUS appeared alongside a group of White House interns in a jaw-dropping off-white dress.

The first lady posted the photo to Instagram and Twitter, and it showed her wearing a sleeveless white dress that went down to her knees that she paired with black and white zebra striped high heels.

Thank you to all of our East wing interns for their dedication! The future is bright with these hard workers,” Trump wrote in the caption.

Melania modeled the dress back in May 2016 to take the stage with her husband, Donald Trump, at Trump Tower in New York City when he became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee following a landslide win in Indiana’s primary election.
But when it comes to Melania she can wear that every day and she would still look great!
Whether she is joining President Donald Trump at home or overseas, she always turns heads in the latest styles and continues to be a fashion force ever since she has taken on the role.

She’s more stunning each time she makes an appearance. I know this isn’t earth shaking, just nice to have someone like Melania in the White House.

One thing is certain- we have a beautiful and classy First Lady and First Daughter! This is definitely an improvement over our previous administration. And they come with class too, something we didn’t have previously.

Do you like her outfit?
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Alex D.

Alex D.

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