George Clooney Drops Black Lives Matter Bombshell He Attacked Every American Patriot With This Disgusting Statement

It’s already been established that George Clooney is complete liberal idiot. But, it looks there is no end to his stupidity.

In a Wednesday interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney said that the Black Lives Matter organization supports racial equality and appeared to downplay the group’s numerous instances of racism and violent anti-police rhetoric.

Clooney said: “It would be best for the country if some of these Republicans — and some of them I’m very good friends with, actually — stood up.”

He then made said what the difference between the Ku Klux Klan and Black Lives Matter is according to him.

According to him there is enourmous difference between these two groups because BLM protested for racial equality.
He said: “There’s an important distinction that doesn’t get said enough — the difference between Black Lives Matter and the KKK and the skinheads and the alt-right is this: Black Lives Matter was protesting in support of racial equality. Period.”

“Sometimes it got out of hand, absolutely,” he added. “But that’s what they were doing. You can never say, ‘Well, those guys were bad and these guys were bad.’ And to hear those words come out of the president of the United States, that is a great crime.”

Another sermon from Saint Clooney. The same hollywood hypocrite who ran away from the migrants he was preaching for because he was fearful for his family.

How about they spend some real quality time as a family in a neighborhood with these folks who would only see them as white racists without their celebrity status.
You’d think Clooney would get something right on occasion, even if by accident..

BLM is NOT about “racial equality”, and they don’t claim to be.. Actually, BLM promotes the polar opposite of “equallity”.. BLM is all about cultural separation, tribalism, and the demonization and removal of all Eurpopen/American White history and culture.. BLM advocates for reparations and getting payback for both the real and phoney sins of the past.. BLM refuses to look inward at their own cultures shortcomings and why those shortcomings exist, and instead, BLM insists on blaming White America for all of its ills.. BLM intentionally lies and promotes violence, i.e. Ferguson and Baltimore, in order to sell their nonsense to the ignorant.. Basically, BLM are just plain old cookie cutter Marxists who “support” anarchy, but who don’t have a clue what real world oppression looks like…

Face it…Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group and should be recognized as such!

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Natalie D.

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