Former Hubbard Mayor Admits To Raping 4-Year-Old

First consideration is the victim, in my mind. The second is a society in general so this sick individual does not have the opportunity to destroy another life and the third is, just give him the death penalty. Why pay to house him for the ten years?

Get it over with quickly. Finally saying he is a democrat means nothing to me. A sick bastard is just that, so don’t cloud the issue, just handle it.
You must be wondering what I am talking about?

Well, former Hubbard Mayor Richard Keenan, who now admits to raping a young child, is facing life behind bars.

He was visibly shaken Friday as he changed his plea to guilty on 20 counts of sex crimes, including eight counts of rape. Keenan agreed to a life sentence with the eligibility of parole after ten years.

According to court documents, the abuse began as early as September 2013 when the victim — who Keenan knew — was just 4 years old.

“It gives the victim some closure. Obviously, keeps this young child from having to testify and I think it’s a good result given all the facts and circumstances,” said Assistant Prosecutor Gabe Wildman.

He said prosecutors have a responsibility to do what’s best for the victim and that they accomplished that Friday.

“Not bringing her in here to have to testify in the small courtroom with this man in there as well.”

His agreed-upon sentence calls for him to go to prison for life with parole eligibility after 10 years. He will be sentenced in several weeks after the county adult probation department conducts a background investigation. He will remain free on $75,000 bond until his sentencing hearing in several weeks, according to various sources. His trial is set for April 24th.

“Our position is it’s a life sentence. It gives the victim some closure, and it obviously keeps this young child from having to testify,” Gabe Wildman, assistant prosecutor said. “Not bringing her in here to have to testify in the small courtroom with this man in there, as well.”

So in ten years, this SICK thing gets out? How does that make sense? You get more time if you were caught with POT! A 4 yr.old was RAPED!!! He should not have gotten a plea bargain!

Alex D.

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