Democrat’s Leader In The Senate Chuck Schumer Has Plan To Block The Trump Wall

National security, drug interdiction, illegal alien invaders, gun runners, violent criminals… all are poured across our southern border. That’s why we need immediately to build the wall!

The Democrats’ leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer has other plans. He tries to endanger President Trump’s presidency by blocking funds to construct his great border wall along the Southern border.

According to Axios:

“Schumer’s thinking: There’s nothing the Republicans would be willing to offer that could get Trump the eight Democratic Senators he needs to fund the wall. Mitch McConnell’s only other option would be to invoke the nuclear option and bypass the filibuster.

But Democratic appropriators are betting the Republican leader won’t be willing to undermine such a fundamental Senate tradition just to pay for Trump’s wall.”

“The evolving plan, being discussed by Schumer’s office and Senate appropriators: If Republicans put money for the wall into a bill, Democrats block it.

It doesn’t matter what else is in the bill — Schumer will make it about the wall. The way Democrats see it, if they can block the wall, they’d crush a central feature of Trump’s political identity. And as the face of the strategy, Schumer would thrill the Democratic base (though less so the red-state Democratic senators up in 2018).”
“What happens next: Team Trump knows it’s not going to be easy to fund the wall. A source familiar with the administration’s plans says the preferred strategy would be to attach the wall funding to the bill that funds the military.

That way, Republicans could tell the public that Schumer and the Democrats are blocking money not only for border security but for our troops. They’ll run relentless attack ads against Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2018 in states that Trump won.”

As usual, it’s all about the Democrats obstructing what’s in the best interest of the American people. They think they can just make up their own laws to follow and disregard all the laws they don’t like? It’s no wonder why their party has been destroyed and why they are powerless.
They need to know that we elected Trump as our President and we gave Trump an agenda. It’s time Democrats to stand behind the people and the Government we voted for, for the benefit of this country!!

Natalie Washington

Natalie D. is an American conservative writer! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington.She is a "constitutional conservative".

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