Captain America Had A Huge Success On Its Opening Frame In Overseas Cinemas With 200 Million

Before taking the fight to the U.S. on May 6, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War began its offshore campaign this frame in 37 territories. With an estimated $200.2M, Team Cap and Team Iron Man came in just behind Avengers: Age Of Ultron’s international start last year and set all-time opening weekend records in Brazil, Mexico, and the Philippines. With both The Jungle Book ($57.1M) andZootopia ($8.3M) continuing their international swings, the Mouse roared this frame with the Top 3 studio pictures at the offshore box office accounting for $265.6M. China’s Book Of Love landed just below Jungle Book on the overall chart with an estimated $51M for the follow-up to Finding Mr. Right which forms part of theBeijing Meets Seattle franchise.

In total, CACW stepped out this weekend in 63% of its international footprint with China, Russia, Italy and Argentina still to come next week.

Disney estimates the opening is 5% below Ultron; 26% ahead of both Iron Man 3 andThe Avengers; and +157% ahead of Captain America: The Winter Soldier when comparing the same suite of territories and all at today’s exchange rates. Ultron went on to be the biggest superhero movie of all time internationally with $946M ($893M at current rates). It opened at $202M last year or $212M at today’s exchange rates.

CACW, which is playing much more like an Avengers gathering rather than a solo Steve Rogers movie, was running about on par with Ultron all weekend. While some industry sources expected Civil War to exceed that film’s opening, the start is an excellent debut and falls in line with most predictions which were either side of $200M.

The top overseas plays for Steve Rogers vs Tony Stark this frames were Korea ($28.9M), Mexico ($20.6M), the UK ($20.5M), Brazil ($12.3M) and Australia ($10.9M). (Similarly, Korea led Ultron at open, followed by the UK, Russia, Brazil, and France.)

The Anthony- and Joe-Russo helmed pic also delivered $9.6M on 205 overseasIMAX screens. The $47K per screen average is nearly double that of Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Disney had a full dance card this weekend, also seeing The Jungle Book sewing to another $57.1M internationally for an offshore total of $432.7M. In Europe, the Mouse dominated all the major markets with Civil War andJungle Book placing No. 1 and 2 in many territories and with Civil War/Jungle Book/Zootopia sweeping the top three spots in the UK yesterday. Speaking of the animated charmer, Zootopia has crossed $600M international with an $8.3M weekend that takes the offshore cume to $607.9M and the global haul to $931.42M.

The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is garnering the excellent audience and critical reaction (it’s 94% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and is looking at buff legs as the run continues overseas this week and leading into the North American start next frame. The international launch of $200.2M is just a touch under Ultron in the same markets and at today’s exchange rates while such power plays of China and Russia are on deck for next week. Russia was the No. 3 opening market on Ultron while China released a week later with $57.2M and went on to gross $240M. Notably this week, there are May Day holidays in several markets including the UK. The film opened No. 1 in all markets around the world, save for Japan where the latest animated Conan movie is dominating.

Alex D.

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