Steps To Perfect Lips Ombre

If you thought ombre trend ends with dyeing the hair, you  are wrong! This season, it returns on a big stage, but this time on the lips.

That ombre lips this winter is one of the “hottest” trends so far as we could see in some of the world bloggers like Blake Lively, Rachel Zoe, and Jessica Alba.

If you decide tonight to made-up lips exactly in this way, make sure the focus is always to put the darker color on the outer corners of the lips, while inside the place brighter shades of the same “family” of colors.

Because they are one of the biggest trends this winter, below learn step by step to get flawless lips hombre!

Perhaps the easiest hombre lips this season are these. You need a pencil in a darker color that will draw the lips at the corners, while the inner part will apply a white pencil. Above, apply lipstick in a gentle shade of powder soft and charming look.

These ombre lips, again you need a white pencil, but this time, we apply it to the middle of the lips as shown in the photograph. Corners, apply gentle pencil in cream / pink and finally, spend with your fingers gently on the lips. Above, apply colorless shine.

These ombre lips are all admirers of big lips! This time, it will fail to do a simple and natural way. With pencil in a darker brown shade, trace over the corners of the lips, and then do three lines in the middle as the pictures. Above, spend a gentle glow in soft pink to pale rough lines and remain the only effect of big lips!

The last suggestion for today is actually a step ahead and ombre trend or interesting gradation of great chic effect. With a white pencil to trace half lips nice lips. Apply lipstick dark purple in color or other colors. With a clean brush, start from the dark side to the lighter and gently pass her lips. In the end, the white pencil to trace one corner of the lips overrides.


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