When Black Journalist Won’t Stop Insulting Trump, WH Aide Omarosa Stands Up…Watch All Hell Break Loose (Video)

The tolerance of the American left is inspiring. These people are pathetic. Of course, these are the same ones who lectures everyone on tolerance. Just because they are hateful bigots for anyone who doesn’t share their twisted worldview doesn’t mean they have a right to shut them down.

On Friday at the National Association of Black Journalists conference White House aide, Omarosa Manigault got into several heated exchanges with the moderator of a police brutality panel titled “Black and Blue: Raising Our Sons, Protecting Our Community,” when he wouldn’t stop going after President Donald Trump.

At one point, Manigault was pressed on Trump’s July comments that seemed to encourage police violence during arrests. At first, Manigault hesitated but then she decided enough is enough.
“I’m not going to stand here and defend everything about Donald Trump,” Omarosa said, adding that she has personally invited law enforcement officials to the White House to discuss the matter.

When the moderator, journalist Ed Gordon, started to ask how she can sit the same White House as Trump, Omarosa was clearly offended.

“Are you suggesting that I should just walk away?” she asked. “You can ask a question, but I’m not going to listen to a lecture.”

It was at this point that Gordon moved closer to Omarosa from the podium as she sat in a chair. Seconds later, Omarosa was on her feet too.

“That’s just a little bit aggressive,” she said. “I’m never afraid, so ask your question but don’t lecture me.”

Ed Gordon continued to talk about President Trump and that’s when they both were essentially yelling in each other’s faces. Omarosa argued she agreed to do the panel to talk about her experiences, not to defend every word Trump has ever said.

“It’s not a mess,“ she said. ”This is my story.”

Clearly, Gordon didn’t agree with Omarosa, and he proceeded to play a clip of Trump joking about not being too “nice” to suspects when they arrest them.

As the debate raged on Friday in New Orleans, NPR’s Sam Sanders took to Twitter to express their dismay at the chaos on stage.

And those are supposed to be a professional journalist? Between this guy, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Huffington Post, NBC, etc, I’m starting to think “professional journalism” went out the window a long time ago. Now it’s turned into whether or not something matches their liberal mentality or not.

The fascist organization is showing its intolerance. NABJ should be embarrassed. As should Ed Gordon. The people who stood and turned their backs on Omarosa need to grow up!

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Natalie Washington

Natalie D. is an American conservative writer! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington.She is a "constitutional conservative".

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