An Attempted Drive-By Shooting Turned Deadly When The Intended Target Shot Back

Four men in a maroon Nissan sedan were driving in the 400 block of Glenburnie Drive near Mercedes Lane around 2:15 a.m. with the intention of shooting a man in his yard, police said.

According to officers, the Nissan drove by the man’s yard and the men started to shoot at the man.

Authorities said the man standing in his yard, who has a concealed handgun license, shot back at the car hit all three men in the vehicle.

Houston police said the Nissan crashed into another vehicle. Police said three of the men got out the Nissan and continued to exchange gunfire with the homeowner. Police said the homeowner struck all three men.

According to reporters, the Texas man was an avid shooter with a license to carry a concealed weapon. He regularly practiced marksmanship with his AR-15.

His practice ultimately paid off as the homeowner was able to successfully defend himself using his trusty AR-15 shooting all three men in the moving vehicle.

One of the men was neutralized immediately, while the others were rushed to the hospital. The second shooter was pronounced dead on arrival and the third is still receiving care in critical condition — before his lengthy stay in prison.

The homeowner was miraculously left completely unscathed. Police are investigating the shooting, but it is unlikely that the homeowner will be charged for the act of self-defense. This is, of course, one of the main reason why we have the Second Amendment — in order to protect ourselves. Yet liberals want to take our gun rights away because they shrivel at the mere sight of a firearm. I say they should just go to their safe spaces and leave the rest of us alone and free.

The homeowner was not injured in the shooting.

Officers said they are investigating the shooting as a case of self-defense.

Alex D.

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