The View’ Brought Governor of Puerto Rico on to Make Trump Look Bad on Hurricane Response! His Answer Stunned Everyone!

Has the View donated anything to Puerto Rico? Or just donated their unfair foul views of President Trump again like most of the liberal haters! Does the View do anything but spew hate? They are a waste of time. Quick to judge and comment on what others should do as they sit back and do nothing!

Via Conservative Daily: “During Monday’s show, however, the news broke that Trump was planning a trip to Puerto Rico as soon as he felt that his presence would not be a hindrance to local relief efforts.

That was when Joy Behar chimed in, suggesting that Trump could have at least “flown over” to Puerto Rico — clearly, she forgot the public relations disaster that dogged former President George W. Bush when he was photographed flying over Katrina.

On Tuesday’s show, the ladies spoke via remote with Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló — after showing a video clip of President Trump bragging about how great the response has been so far:

Sara Haines: Governor, this is Sara. We saw a clip of President Trump saying the White House is doing a “great job.” How do you think they’re doing in terms of response, and do you think it’s enough?

Governor Rosselló: Well, certainly here’s the two components we need to consider. Number one, the president has been in contact with me almost on a daily basis. He is aware of the devastation. I thank him for issuing emergency declarations, issuing disaster declarations verbally as the storm was hitting Puerto Rico. He has also given instructions to FEMA and other federal agencies to help Puerto Rico. That effort is ongoing, and it’s very good. It’s very effective.

Rosselló continued to explain the ongoing problems that Puerto Rico is facing — mainly the manpower and ability to get relief from the Capitol into the outlying areas:

There are some logistical threats that we’re facing. A lot of people in Puerto Rico that used to truck gas or food from one place to the other have not reported. The logistical transportation of the help that’s arriving to Puerto Rico is kind of becoming a bottleneck.

What we need are some human resources, which we requested, and FEMA has established the Corps of Engineers and Special Forces from the D.o.D. that are going to be coming to Puerto Rico so they can help in transportation, medical safety. They can help with fuel lines. They can help with a whole host of things. I know it’s a challenging situation.

Let me put this in this context. It’s the most devastating event in Puerto Rico. Two Category 4 or 5 hurricanes passing in the span of two weeks. The U.S. Citizens that live in Puerto Rico — the proud U.S. Citizens that live in Puerto Rico want to work, want to deal with the emergency.

We also are looking forward to special aid package from Congress. I call upon Congress to act quickly. A lot of messages of solidarity by congressmen and women. I’ve spoken to them. Our ask [sic] is to treat Puerto Rico equally. Attend to the devastation. If we do that we can avoid a humanitarian crisis in the United States and put Puerto Rico back on the path to recovery and in the long run build it stronger than ever.”

The View ladies seem to only know one thing! Bashing President Trump in every corner. With this, they only continue proving what insane lunatics they are, and that the people should not watch them at all. Why watch someone when the hosts of the show are total nutball liberal wackos who know nothing about anything.

This show just goes to prove how incredibly stupid those liberals women are and what kind of crap they have pulling on our President! When Texas got hit by Harvey and our President and First Lady went there the day after to survey the damage and help with supplies these women along with the liberal media accused President Trump of going there for media attention. Now they are saying just the opposite about Puerto Rico that our President isn’t doing anything to help them or go there! How much more obvious can these women be as to how they are delegitimizing his presidency and trying to make the people think he is not competent?

Their ignorance on every subject is so laughable! They are so hell-bent on trashing Trump, that they don’t realize how stupid and vindictive they appear.

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Natalie Washington

Natalie D. is an American conservative writer! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington.She is a "constitutional conservative".

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Wilbur Stalker
Wilbur Stalker
6 years ago

the view has been deleted from my dish programming, i do not allow Dirty Communist on my TV in my house

Pete franco
Pete franco
6 years ago
Reply to  Wilbur Stalker

Thank You, I;m with you on this Issue.

Janette Belcher
6 years ago

Well I’ll start by saying I am Puerto Rican, my dad is from Utuado, PR & not of our family is in the Utiado & Ponce areas! So there are several that we still don’t know if they are ok or not & have no way to contact them! Very scary situation! I’d love nothing more than to fly over & help…. unfortunately I have cancer tho & cant! I stopped watching the view back when the elections were going on! I won’t allow them on any tv in my home! I’ve never seen a talk show like this that for one talks about nothing but politics, like they are politicians or something & ive for sure NEVER seen a show where they would be allowed to be so one sided & so degrading to our leadership & president! You don’t have to like him but in America we show respect!! I think they are all a bunch of losers! Whoopie & Joy are the worst! I mean last time I checked they were not trained, education politicians! What makes them think everyone cares about their opinion… I want facts not opinions! One thing that does angry me most those is ANY false media on what’s happening in PR or the saying the USA isn’t helping! Those people have enough to worry about w/out lies!!! The USA has been helping as much as they can as they can! It’s not easy & w/ so much devastation there are many areas hard to get to!!
The fact is….. the view should of been taken off the air long ago! I haven’t met a person yet who likes them & it’s because it’s all about their personal opinion or feelings on there rather than truths & facts! I’ve also seen them get Very ride w/ guests who don’t agree w/ their views! How wrong is that! I think if they keep it up, they will all be w/out jobs soon! Americans have had enough w/ all the bashing! Like him or not we should be praying that the President can get things done, get guidance from God etc…. if ya hope he does bad your screwing ourselves!!

Jim Jay
Jim Jay
6 years ago

Thank you for your thoughtful response.

Linda Walk
Linda Walk
6 years ago

The View should be removed from TV. They are a bunch of viscous, back-biting libtards who only want to trash our POTUS. Their hatred is not a necessity & should be banned.

Margie Rogers
Margie Rogers
6 years ago

President Trump is doing a great job and we are very happy he is our President. Keep him in your prayers, evil is out there.

Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker
6 years ago

We need to show resppect for our Presdident. We elected him. He is doing a great job.
We need to let him do his job.

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