Videos: “Insurrection” Underway In Iowa As BLM Storms The State Capitol Building – Arrests Are Being Made

MyPillow Mike Lindell

BLM activists have appeared to force their way into Iowa’s State Capitol building they are there to oppose legislation that they find racist.

Images below:

In videos posted to both Twitter and Facebook, one masked demonstrator is shouting in a government building while other protestors stage a “die-in.”

Black Lives Matter later forced their way into the Iowa State Capitol building. Looks A LOT like an insurrection.

Video below:

Another video from the State Capitol in Iowa:

The moment when one of the BLM protesters was arrested:

Confirmed with the girl’s mother that an 18-year-old girl was arrested at a protest at the Iowa State Capitol this afternoon.

This looks a lot like January 6th, but so far not one mainstream media decided to report about it.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

MyPillow Mike Lindell

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