Video: In His First Appearance Since Returning From G20 Biden Can Barely Speak – His Handlers Need To Get Fetterman To Translate

Joe Biden sat down with business executives and labor leaders to highlight recent progress in combating inflation and steadying the economy.

Biden met the top executives at Ford, Kaiser Permanente and Carrier as well as the presidents of the Service Employees International Union and United Food and Commercial Workers in a meeting designed to call attention to recent economic progress and seek out ideas to bring inflation down further, the official said.

Biden was joined by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and his top economic adviser Brian Deese.

They should have been there to help Biden but his handlers had a different idea and trusted the teleprompter.

That was an epic fail!

Joe Biden slurred his words as he told people concerned about heating their homes this winter they can get a tax credit if they install expensive solar panels.

Video below:

Biden tries to read the teleprompter but starts talking about his failed economy, and ends up making absolutely no sense!

Video below:

Biden’s handlers kicked out the reporters Biden sits, smirks, and ignores all questions.

Video below:

Biden’s handler needs to get Fetterman to translate this because he speaks gibberish too!

He might return the favor because before the midterms Biden said that Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman is “my kind of guy” who “just keeps getting better and better.”

Biden made the comments to reporters after he finished voting in Wilmington, Delaware.

“Now look, Fetterman is Pennsylvania,” Biden said. “Fetterman is everything that he appears to be. You know where he stands. He has great courage. He has no reluctance to say what he thinks. He’s my kind of guy. I think he is going to be fine.”

“He just keeps getting better and better. He had a stroke – he’s recovering,” Biden added.

Fetterman is not ok and neither is Biden.
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Bruce Hoenshell

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10 months ago

Let’s see 40K for solar panels, 8 years to pay it off, 30% (12K) after 8 yrs and if I save 150 a month 150*96 months (14,400) So after I spend 40K, I get at best 26.4K back? Hmmmmm

Biden is fool

10 months ago

wtf…the idiot is selling windows…jebuzcripe…

10 months ago

This guy is a moron.

10 months ago

Yeah…Americans keep voting for this…OK sure.

10 months ago

Been pulling this solar/windows/door garbage since the 70s. started in California. Landlord jumped on this in one place I lived and a bunch of High School kids did the windows and doors

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