Trump Told Drugmakers At A White House Meeting To Cut Costs And Bring Back Jobs

During his campaign Donald Trump released his health care plan, finally detailing the way in which he would fulfill his campaign trail promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

He calls for Medicaid to be transformed into a state block grant program and for the tax exemption on employer-based health insurance plans to be extended to individuals who purchase coverage on their own!


Under Trumpcare, no American will go without coverage.

Trump promised during his campaign o avoid cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits and adopting a longstanding Democratic pledge to let Medicare negotiate bulk discounts in the price it pays for prescription drugs. Americas’s new president is actually delivering everything he said!

Today he had a meeting in the white house with pharma lobbyists and maybe the mainstream media will fail to report this but he will make them cut the prizes! Trump said:

The pricing has been astronomical,” Trump said to chief executives of some of the world’s biggest drugmakers, who came to Washington after his criticism of the industry earlier this month sent drug and biotechnology stocks plunging. “You folks have done a very great job over the years but we have to get the prices down.”

“You’re going to get your prices either approved, or not approved, but it’s not going to take 15 years.”

Trump has threatened to have the government negotiate prices directly with the industry on behalf of Medicare and Medicaid, which are some of the world’s biggest purchasers of health-care products and services and cover tens of millions of Americans. “Competition is key to lowering drug prices,” the president said.

At the same time, Trump promised to slash regulations, get new treatments to market faster at the Food and Drug Administration, and increase international competition. “We’re going to streamline FDA; we have a fantastic person” that will be announced to lead the agency soon, Trump said. He also promised to cut taxes on business and lure companies back to the U.S.

At a briefing last week, Trump’s press secretary Spicer said that lowering drug prices is going to be one of the key parts of reforming health care. (Video below)


This Will Save Many American Lives! Full story here-

Posted by USA Supreme on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Alex D.

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Francisco Rivas
Francisco Rivas
5 years ago

Fantastic Job Mr. President

Frances Shannon
Frances Shannon
5 years ago

Thank you President Trump. I worked 51 years to earn the Medicare and Social Security I receive. Thank you for protecting people like me. And drugs are beyond affordability for people. The big drug companies employees live a great life by cheating the American people. I approve of everything you have done so far and please keep on protecting the American people.

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