Tricks For Applying Eyeliner That Every Woman Should Know

Applying eyeliner is neither little easy process because it requires a steady hand and precision. Therefore it is necessary to know some tricks in the best possible way we can help you apply eyeliner and he always looks perfect. These are just some of them.

For your eye makeup to last longer, preferably by applying eyeliner eye shadow in the same color. It will do so you will first apply eyeliner, and through it eyeshadow.



Create bright shade even more remarkable, so that its application before you apply eyeliner in white. So the best way to make a plate that will emphasize the color of eye shadow.


Make yourself your own eyeliner using eye shadow and brush for applying shadow. It will get so that you will first dip the brush and thus achieve the sharpness that has the eyeliner.


Use white eyeliner perfectly highlighting your shape of eyes, so that you apply it above and below the eyebrows. This will help you the best way to define your eyebrows.



If applying eyeliner perfect line with your present difficulties, apply a thicker and irregular layer, then with a cotton bud delete unnecessary part.


Use a teaspoon to perfectly apply the eyeliner. First draw a line through the end of the spoon, then that line overfed and thus highlight the eyes.


If your eyeliner is too wet, put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes and thus he will again get the perfect firmness for application.


For your eyes look bigger, along the lower edge of the eye, apply white eyeliner. This way your eyes look visually larger.


Use sticky tape to apply a perfect line with eyeliner. Set it to be flush with the bottom line of your eye to create a perfect line.



Alex D.

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