This Is Awkward – Cassidy Hutchinson’s Leaked Text Messages Show What She REALLY Thought Of The January 6th Committee

A new report revealed that Cassidy Hutchinson, the sham January 6 committee’s star witness from last week, reached out for help from First Amendment groups.

On February 1. she sent a text seeking help from the First Amendment Fund, a group started by the American Conservative Union that helps Trump officials cover legal costs related to the sham January 6 investigations. It appears Hutchison had quite a different attitude towards the committee prior to her appearance at the “emergency hearing” last week.

Hutchinson did not receive any support from the group, despite her inquiry.

Matt Schlapp, who helps run the fund, said he is happy they did not end up assisting Hutchinson. He said in a post on Twitter that “Relaying WH hallway gossip as fact does not qualify as first-person testimony.”

She also called the January 6 committee BS!

We’re starting to think the Trump-haters really need to up the bar when looking for a hero. Lionizing someone because they MIGHT FINALLY take down a single politician you’ve dedicated your entire life to hate is not a mentally healthy way to live. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson with Mueller buuuuut nope.

Here we are.


In the text message, Hutchinson says: “Hey (redacted)! This is Cassidy Hutchinson. Kind of a random question, but do you still work for the Schlapp’s at the ACU?”

The person responded, “Hi, Yes!”

Hutchinson then said, “Do you happen to know a First Amendment fund POC I could reach out to? I was subpoenaed in early Nov., but the committee waited to serve me until last week (after Ben’s deposition).”

“I had to accept service because the U.S. Marshalls came to my apartment last Wednesday, but I haven’t made contact with the Committee. I’m just on a tight timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this bs,” Hutchinson added.

Printscreen of the messages below reported by the Daily Caller:

In another text message, Hutchinson told the conservative activist that she does not want things to get “unnecessarily elevated” in regards to the Jan. 6 committee.

Does anyone wonder if her options included a big ol’ book deal?

(This post may contain disputed claims. We make no assertions as to the validity of the information presented by our Opinion Columnist. This is an opinion article, and this post should be treated as such. Enjoy.)

Bruce Hoenshell

Bruce Hoenshell is a military historian, he is one of the most prolific conservative writers today, often churning out multiple columns per week. His writings tend to focus on international themes, modern warfare. Style Sampling: “ It is not that we need social networking and Internet searches more than food and fuel, but rather that we have the impression that cool zillionaires in flip-flops are good while uncool ones in wingtips are quite bad.”

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1 year ago

So Cassidy what was your payoff, and how much did it entail? Money or a job you aren’t qualified for?

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