Prince Join Eternal Legends… RIP

In world media less than an hour ago echoed the death of Prince. According to US website “TMZ” (which first reported and the death of Michael Jackson), the musician died today in the morning in his studio in Minnesota.

The police said it investigated the death of a person of the property is located and studio music icon, but the local sheriff’s office refused to confirm the identity of the deceased man whose body was found.

Still determine the cause of death, but according to preliminary information, the Prince has recently complained of a strong flu. On Friday, he traveled by private plane that had made an emergency landing because of what the musician complained that he felt unwell.

Immediately after he was hospitalized after a weekend already gone home, and the media said it had severe flu. Nevertheless, the next day the Prince gave scheduled concert.

The tragic news was confirmed PR musician Noel Event.

-With Tremendous grief and sorrow certify that the legendary artist, Prince Rogers Nelson died this morning in his “Paisley Park” residence, at 57 years of age. For now, no details about the cause of death – said Noel.

Prince was born in Minnesota in 1958. The first song he wrote at the age of seven. The first demo again makes 19 years as part of the band “94 East” . Soon gets in a solo career. The first album was released in 1978, and another that bears his name, experiencing great popularity. That since you remembered the hits “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?”.

His albums have sold over 150 million copies. One of its recognition is that he experimented with many genres of pop, jazz through blues, rock, hip-hop, through to electronics as well as the eccentric appearance and performance.

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