Nobody Took a Knee for World Series Opener, But What Happened Later Won America’s Heart (Video)

Last night Major League Baseball put the NFL to shame and showed them the proper way to respect the flag and celebrate the national anthem.

The NFL continues to sink lower and lower. Their ratings are in the toilet. Attendance is down. Sponsors are fleeing.

What does it look like to the rest of the world when we turn our backs against our countries values? Does it look like a weak, demoralized society? A society that is left wide open for attack? An attack against our religious, justice, military, family, community, government, American values.

It’s good to hear that MLB is something totally different so it’s not strange to hear that NFL rating are now lower than MLB!

Here’s a video of the performance:

There was a flyover saluting our troops:

But the best moment of the night came when a group of U.S. military personnel came out to the field, including Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike Dalager.

Dalager took the mic and sang “God Bless America.”


Brad Paisley is scheduled to sing the anthem during Game 2 on Wednesday. So there’s a whole lot more love for America still coming.
So would you like to see MLB instead of NFL?
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Alex D.

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