Michelle Obama Gets Her History Wrong – Immigrants Just Like Founding Fathers, Not ‘Born American’

She has once again exposed her ignorant and foolish ways after giving a recent speech at the National Archives in Washington DC.

Michelle Obama was speaking to newly naturalized Americans when she said “It’s amazing that just a  few feet from here where I’m standing are the signatures of the 56 Founders who put their names on a Declaration that changed the course  of history, and like the 50 of you, none of them were born American – they became American,”

Obama pointed out that the Founding Fathers pledged their lives and risked everything to create the United States of America after signing the Declaration of Independence.

“Just like you’re about to pledge allegiance to our flag, they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to this extraordinary idea that we now know as America — the notion that we are all created equal, endowed with fundamental rights and freedoms that no one can ever take away from us,” she said.

Wow! Thomas Jefferson, who wrote up the Declaration of Independence and signed it, was born in Virginia. Benjamin Franklin was born in Pennsylvania, and John Adams was born in Massachusetts.

The First Lady explained that the Founding Fathers were “Americans-by-choice” just like the newly declared citizens.

“As the newest ‘Americans-by-choice,’ you, too, will play an important part in shaping our history,” she continued.

Immigrants, she explained, were essential to the continued growth of the United States.

“I know this is an exciting, hopeful time for all of you, but it’s also an exciting, hopeful time for our country,” she said. “Because the fact is, America needs you.”

Of the 56 men who signed it, only 8 of them were not born in the United States. You think a Harvard graduate like Michelle would know this….

This was one of a number of errors she made.

Check out the damning footage bellow

Michelle Obama Gets Her History Wrong. She was speaking to newly naturalized Americans when she said “It’s amazing that just a few feet from here where I’m standing are the signatures of the 56 Founders who put their names on a Declaration that changed the course of history, and like the 50 of you, none of them were born American – they became American,”

Posted by US Conservative on Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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Alex D.

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Al Lowe
Al Lowe
5 years ago

Actually, she’s right, sort of. NONE of them were born in the United States. When they were born, the USA did not exist as a country. They were born in colonies belonging the Great Britain.

Patricia Porter
5 years ago

Actually, she is right, and all of you are dead wrong! except for Al right above me. Not a single one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were born in “The United States of America”, because…wait for it… it didn’t exist yet! It gives me no pleasure to have her back, but she is correct! They were all born in the colonies that were part of the nation of Great Britain, heart of the British Empire. They became citizens when they signed the Constitution, which established our nation, but I don’t think anyone would argue that they became citizen when the Declaration was signed and they took up arms to secure our independence. I hope that her intent was to inspire loyalty and not rebellion, but her retelling of history is indeed accurate. So, all of you who shamed her, jump in quick and delete your posts. Or better yet, post a retraction and apologize! Score points for being magnanimous! Don’t worry, Nancy Pelosi will give us at least 3 doosies by Friday!!

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy
5 years ago

NO, actually you are wrong…….The definition of an immigrant is someone who comes from a different country to live in another….look up the definition in your dictionary…….most of the signers of the Declaration DO NOT fit the definition of an immigrant……The real difference is that politically, the USA was born out of the old 13 Colonies……No one had to travel anywhere!

5 years ago

LOL…you’re kinda funny. They were born ON this land. Not in another country. You’re just makiong an ass of yourself, just like the wookie likes to do.

Pete Bennett
Pete Bennett
5 years ago

Actually, she is exactly right!! There were many people who were born in America, which was created by the Declaration of Independence.
All the American citizens at that time were also created by the same act! And their subsequent children, if any, also were citizens…Natural born Citizens, in fact, as alluded to by the Constitution, in the language stating the eligibility requirements for the President,
“No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President, neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”
Per further terms of the Constitution, such created first citizens were such by naturalization, except for their children, as stated in Art I, sect 8, par 4,
There were ‘natural born citizens’ at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, 13 yeare after the Declaration was signed, but none eligible by age or residency to become President.
So, Michelle was correct, but fortuituously stopped before exposing Barack as ineligible, if she even wondered.

5 years ago

Wikipedia states that all of the founding fathers water natives of the 13 original colonies except four nine of them. Do they were NOT IMMIGRANTS MRS. TURDBOMA.

Gary Moore
Gary Moore
5 years ago

You must remember, she is not speaking to people who know anything about history. She is speaking to the liberal followers who usually do not know who the vice-president, the speaker of the house or who their own representative is. Just watch the “man on the street”, interviews by Judge Jeanine, Watters, and Mark Dice conduct. Many of these college grads don’t know anything about America or Her Founding Fathers.

ron schonenberger
ron schonenberger
5 years ago

why does anybody listen to her she does”nt know her ass from a hole in the ground about this country at all !!!!!!!

6 months ago

Just like Big Mike …. you people dont seem to understand the definition of immigrant.

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