The Juice Gets Loose: Major OJ Simpson Announcement Leaves Americans Stunned

O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday for convictions connected to a robbery in Las Vegas about a decade ago. He could be out of jail as early as October.

The moment the former football star received his fourth and final vote from the Nevada Board of Parole recommending release, Simpson dropped his head before responding, “Thank you.”

He didn’t look at his attorney or his daughter Arnelle Simpson, who had come to argue for his release. After nine years in prison, Simpson, 70, instead bowed his head again and placed his hands on the simple wooden table; once again, his every movement was broadcast to millions of people on national television who were curious to see his fate.

On social media, a familiar cry rang out: “The Juice is loose.”

O.J. Simpson said:

I am no danger, never pulled a gun on anybody. I never have in my life. Never been accused of it in my life. Nobody’s ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them and Bruce knows that I would never do that,’ said a forceful Simpson.
‘I never have.’

He then got even more combative as he continued with his recount of the incident.
‘I want to also, as a postscript add that, you know when I got to Lovelock, the state of California took up the issue of who’s property it was. They did an investigation. And they came to the conclusion that it was my property. They turned it over to me. I have it now. You know?’ said Simpson.

‘So I mean, it’s – kind of mind-boggling that they turned over to me property that I’m in jail for for trying to retrieve. You know? It’s – it was my property. I wasn’t there to steal from anybody.’
He then added: ‘And I would never, ever pull a weapon, ever pull a weapon on everybody.’

Simpson also said that he never saw any guns being drawn in the small and confined hotel room.

‘I didn’t see the guns brandished. You say, “guns.” As I understand it, one guy who was behind me somewhere point add gun at hill. I never saw him brandish a gun,’ said Simpson.

You can view the full testimony below:

What do you think was justice loosed?

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