Charles Krauthammer Tries to Tell Laura Ingraham That Trump is Racist, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

For the first time since Reagan, we have a President who loves America, has a true heart for the people and fights for us true Americans. Unfortunately, not everybody feels that way.

We need more truth tellers, people who are not afraid to stand up to power. One of them is Laura Ingraham – she always knows what she’s talking about and she simply states the right and the wrong of a thing and lets others sort out affiliations and titles and spin.

Conservative talker Laura Ingraham discussed President Donald Trump’s latest press conference where he condemned both sites for the latest riots and violence in Charlottesville!

Charles Krauthammer and Laura Ingraham exchanged opposing views over President Trump’s Q&A about the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Ingraham said Trump would have been better served Tuesday to continue talking about infrastructure and not allow the press to “trap” him into talking about the unrest.

The debate was moderated by Fox News’ Bill Hemmer.

“I always like to think about it this way,” Ingraham began, “is he advancing his agenda with what happened this afternoon? And I will say when you had Gary Cohn up there talking about how they’re gonna hit the ground running on tax reform, we’re ready, we spent the whole day — I was like wanting to hear more, more and more. That’s great!”

“And we got sidetracked on this horrific event of the weekend,” she said, “which he had made the subsequent statement about that was, I think really really good. I think he could have been clearly more specific on Saturday, but when he said ‘we must love each other, show affection for each other, unite together and condemn that hatred, bigotry of the violence we saw,’ that was so great yesterday!”

“I think today he’s really torched about people conflating Trump support with white nationalists,” she said. “You can see it and hear it in his responses, and I understand that, but he’s not there to win every debating point. People want to see a calm president in the storm.”

I think today, I think he made some points that were factually right,” she explained, “there was violence on both sides of that event on Saturday. Anyone who’s watched the video could see it. But he’s not there to win every point. He’s there to calmly guide the nation through what at the moment is a very troubled time. And advance an agenda of economic empowerment, streamlining regulations, and keeping very optimistic and positive about the American spirit.”

“When he does that I think it’s very positive,” she continued. “Today, I think he got caught in kind of the ‘pundit trap’ like he became a pundit. And what I think people want is Trump the president. When he does that, he’s very powerful.”

“To critique what he did today on the grounds that it distracts from the agenda,” Krauthammer responded, “or it was a tactical mistake, I believe is a cop-out.”

“What Trump did today is a moral disgrace,” he concluded. (video below)

I have one sentence, don’t mess with Laura Ingraham! Watch what happened when Charles Krauthammer called Trump a racist then personally attacked her.
**Do you stand with Trump against these SICK lies?

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