Carolina Herrera Is Sticking By Melania Trump She Would Be Honored To Dress America’s First Lady

While multiple fashion designers have come out refusing to dress Melania Trump, one said it would be “an honor” to do so for the next first lady.

The designer spoke about the President-elect Donald Trump‘s wife and revealed she would dress the soon-to-be First Lady despite designers like Sophie Theallet and Tom Ford saying they wouldn’t.

“Of course I will, as the first lady of this country I will. Of course,” she said. “It is an honor to dress the first ladies of the country and it’s something to do for the United States. It’s not for myself. It’s for the public.” Carolina Herrera stated

Michelle Obama has worn Herrera in the White House on multiple occasions.The designer was getting honored for her 35 years in fashion at the Women’s Leadership Council at Lincoln Center.

She added, “It is an honor to dress the first ladies of the country and it’s something to do for the United States. It’s not for myself. It’s for the public.”

Other prominent fashion designers have said they will not work for Trump in the White House. Sophie Theallet and Tom Ford have both said that they will not dress the soon-to-be first lady, the latter refusing to do because of her opposition to President-elect Donald Trump. Ford said his clothing is “too expensive” for a first lady to wear, although he and Theallet have both dressed Michelle Obama in the past.

But other designers are very interested in dressing Melania  Shafiroff  told the post that Zac Posen, B Michael America, Victor de Souza and Zang Toi are all very interested. 

The Harlem-based designer B Michael told Shafiroff ‘he’d be honored’ to work with the soon-to-be first lady.

He said: ‘Any designer who dresses her will get enormous press.’

Other designers, including Diane Von Furstenburg, have said Mrs Trump should receive the the same treatment as any other First Lady. 

Tommy Hilfiger said ‘any designer should be proud’ to dress Melania Trump after another designer ruled out ever working with the incoming First Lady on political grounds. 

We’re glad to see that these designers are putting politics aside to serve our incoming First Lady!

Liberal media will surely try to attack Carolina Herera for this statement but we have to defend her and our new first lady by sharing this article and make this go viral!(you can watch the interview bellow)


Carolina Herrera It would be an honor to dress Melania Trump! SHARE IF YOU ARE PROUD OF MELANIA TRUMP!

Posted by Melania Trump, America’s First Lady on Friday, December 30, 2016

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