Baltimore’s Key Bridge Collapses After Ship Collision – New Video From The Moment Of Impact Raises Huge Red Flags

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland collapsed after a large container ship crashed into one of its supports just before 1:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time. An unknown number of vehicles and possibly a tractor-trailer went into the Patapsco River as a result of the collapse. As of 3 AM Baltimore time, officials were searching for seven people in the water.

The collapse, which happened almost immediately after the collision, was captured by the bridge’s live cam.
Online conspiracy theories started to surface:

However a close up video seems to reveal other huge red flags!
It seems our country is collapsing and if this wasn’t a deliberate, then the ship was malfunctioning!

Systems failure seems like a likely culprit for the ship crash in Baltimore.

Ship appears to have lost power twice before impact with the bridge.
In this sped up clip, note that the ship’s lights are on at first, then turn off. After the lights return, the ship appears to lose power one more time before the power returns again, but by then it’s too late.

Watch the video below:

But that theory again could be wrong:

We talked with an experienced captain and here’s his answer:

Steering is likely under control air, so that in the event of power outage the ship can steer. Also, they should have been at stations while moving through a port or channel like that. They could have dropped anchor and stopped the ship.

Close up clip of boat hitting structure of Francis Scott Baltimore Bridge:

First our planes now our ships!
Lowered DEI requirements to cram people into leadership just because they’re woke or minorities, with no relevant experience, strikes again with the caption of this ship, similar to all the airline issues lately.
Some reports are alleging that the ship was cyber-attacked.

Lights go off and it deliberately steers towards the bridge supports.

However, we can’t confirm these claims so far!

The Port of Baltimore, responsible for 25% of the country’s coal exports, will be closed to all shipping traffic until the Francis Scott Key Bridge wreckage is cleared.

As morning daylight approaches, it reveals the devastating aftermath of an early morning incident after a large cargo ship from Singapore crashed into the Scott Key Bridge, triggering a mass casualty event as the entire bridge complex collapsed. At least seven vehicles, including one tractor-trailer-sized vehicle, have plunged into the water. Two people have been rescued, while seven remain missing. However, officials are uncertain about this figure. Sonar has detected multiple vehicles in the water!

Video below:

Kevin Cartwright with the Baltimore Fire Department provided an update to CNN, saying, “We understand that there was up to 20 individuals who may be in the Patapsco River right now, as well as multiple vehicles. We have a mass casualty, multi-agency incident underway.” Dive teams from the BFD and other agencies are in the water searching for those people.

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