Amazing Palaui Island Your Perfect Place For Scuba Diving

If you are the fan the jewels that live under the ocean catch your creative energy, encounter a one-day snorkel experience in Palau in the northern Philippines. Palaui is home to the most excellent beaches as indicated by CNN to be precise number 10 spot for its raw beauty. You will see several different types of colorful species as fish, starfish, and corals. An islander who knows the submerged world in Palaui the best will uncover superb spots to you.

Seventy percent of the island is secured with tropical backwoods and home to an extensive variety of vegetation. You can arrive at the island by taking a flight to Tuguegarao from where you can take a 3-hour ride to St. Ana and San Vincente port.

Palaui Island was proclaimed as a National Marine Reserve on August 28, 1994, including a territory of 7,145 hectares (17,660 acres). The waters around the island brag of 21 different commercial types of fishes with around 50 hectares (120 sections of land) of undisturbed corals.

In view of its remoteness, Palaui Island is home to 105 types of rattan and comparable monetarily significant timber creating wood species in addition to 25 imported bushes and is the haven for 90 transient flying creatures.

In 2013, it was used as the filming location for Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Cagayan.

Here is gallery that would leave you without words:











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