8-year-old son Christian Jacobs meets President Donald Trump

Christian Jacobs meet President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence today in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery.

This was a heartbreaking moment that brought tears to my eyes and proved once again that President Trump is what our country needs!

Trump also expressed his nation’s “boundless and undying” gratitude today to Americans who have fallen in battle and to the families they left behind, hailing as heroes the hundreds of thousands buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

In his first Memorial Day remarks as president, Trump told the stories of two soldiers who died in Afghanistan, Green Beret Capt. Andrew D. Byers of Colorado Springs and Christopher D. Horton of the Oklahoma National Guard, as Byers’ parents and Horton’s widow looked on.

But one of the heartbreaking moment is when 8-year-old Christian Jacobs spoke about his fallen father!

Trump took a walk over to Section 60, which is dedicated to those who gave their lives in service from 2001 to the present.

Grieving family members were proud to see Trump and Vice President Pence visit as was Christian Jacobs!(picture below)

This 8-year old boy got the time of his life when he met Donald Trump today.

This little boy is the son of Marine Sgt. Christopher James Jacobs.

Christian Jacobs, when he was 4-years-old he said, “I hope for you to come back soon, Daddy. And I love you and hope for you to be here.” (VIDEO BELOW)

What a wonderful President. He shows love and concern for people. Thanks especially for paying tribute to our men and women who have and are serving to protect our country.

The MSMs would not dare to show President Trump as a loving caring individual. That would go against their lying propaganda unless of course, this little boy is a Russian spy.

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