The “punch” at the Berkeley riot

Women today want to be equal or more but only when it suits them. I know of men who were beaten by their wives and could not hit back, because the wife would call the Police. When a man calls the Police, nothing happens. I don’t believe in a man hitting a woman, but if a woman is attacking the man the fact that she is a woman became irrelevant. People have a right to defend themselves and/or retaliate on their aggressors regardless of gender.

One liberal woman posted on Facebook that she was going to a harm 100 people at a Berkeley protest. When video surfaced of her getting punched, the internet went into hysterics. She wears what looks like a sap glove on her right hand (a weighted-knuckle glove). They are illegal in California if the knuckles are metal.

Watch the video below:

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (BERKELEY BEATDOWN EDITION)Via Luke Z Rudkowski and The Swog Blog

Posted by Lauren Southern on Sunday, April 16, 2017


Normally I do not condone hitting a woman for any reason, no matter what but she seemed to be daring him to react to her attack and he does have the right to defend himself.  But remember… Liberals are gender less. She might not be she today. She might have “identifed” as a He. Or a transgender He/She. Libs recognize 32 types of genders… You know they were filming this just to show her getting hit to make the others look bad. Typical liberal tactics. In this particular case, she got what she was asking for.

Can you hit a woman if she punches you in the throat first?? Do you think this was OK, or over the line??


Alex D.

Alex D.

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