Exactly how guilty do you feel for being white, heterosexual, or a Christian? If you are not sure of the answer, don’t worry, two women and their new business Safety Pin Box will help you decide.

Perhaps you only feel a little remorse that you don’t give more to black women in the work force. You can now become an “E-Ally”, spend $25 a month, get the following delivered to you and rest easy at night.

– One emailed task per month

– Exclusive calls to action when urgent ally services are needed

Maybe you feel especially guilty. You may have not gone out and participated in the last Black Lives Matter riot in your city and are just ashamed. For you, these women offer the “Premier Safety Pin Box” which includes:

– Physical Safety Pin Box shipped to you

– Assigned task to be completed each month

– Feature on our exclusive online “Pin List”

– Exclusive calls to action when urgent ally services are needed

– Monthly email newsletter

Your monthly donation goes to pay the salaries of the two women who created this and to fund their giveaways to other black women who are doing liberation work. The women behind this, Leslie Mac and Marissa Jeane Johnson, are very proud of their project and openly admit white people should pay for the privilege they get from life.

In an interview, Mac is quoted as saying, “Also, a big portion of our business model is we’re going to be giving money away to black women who do black liberation work. So from my perspective, if someone wants to pay us $1,200 a year and not do the tasks, but we get to give that money away to black women, my conscience is clear. I’m fine with that. They don’t get a pass for anything, but they’ve given some financial security to me and Marissa and the black women we are excited to give these gifts to.”

If we assume that the 100 subscriptions they claim to have are all “Premier Safety Pin Box” ones, these women are hauling in $120,000 a year. Considering the average teacher, who pays for schooling, pays to get licensed, and works a minimum 40 hours a week actually teaching people, only makes about $50,000 a year, these graphic designer and writer are doing pretty well.

These two are secure in their thoughts that white people owe blacks, especially black women, for all the torture we have inflicted upon them. As a white woman, I am particularly hated by the Safety Pin Box inventors, “For us, it’s been really clear—we’ve had really great support from black women. Of course we’ve seen the “ultra-left” have a problem. And, of course, we’ve seen a lot of white fragility—many white women in particular are taking issue with having to pay for our content, our work, our energy, our time.”

Mac goes on to discuss that she and Johnson, a writer and Black Lives Matter activist, weren’t in the country when the safety pin movement started but, “We were watching it happen, but because we weren’t here, we weren’t the ones dealing with these white women fighting for this pseudo-symbol of solidarity.”

The two wanted to stop the ridiculous idea that wearing a safety pin was enough. They accuse white people of wanting to just wear a pin but not being present and active when their support was truly needed. So Johnson and Mac came up with a way to make the “allies” actually perform. “What if we gave them something to do? What if we said, ‘You want something to do? Here, do this.’ What would make them do it?”

They decided that receiving money every month and giving people “tasks” was the answer. The tasks are Mac and Johnson’s ideas of how to educate people on how blacks are mistreated. “We ask them to go to some sort of community meeting, whether it’s a city council or a school board meeting, and take notes: Who holds power in the meeting? Who talks first? Who talks longest? Why is that?” says Mac.

Then they demand that their subscribers do something about the inequalities they are sure exist, “In this particular task we ask them to take three things that they identify in the power structure that they personally have some say in, and to evaluate how they can shift power to more marginalized people.”

They want to affect the way blacks are treated and how they are not given as many opportunities as white. They specifically mention focusing on prisons and schools.

“Black Women Being” is the name of their grant project. It is intended to “benefit Black women as individuals.” The requirements to be eligible to receive money from the organization (aka: the privileged white people) are quite simple and vague.

“Black women, who may or may not be with an official organization, do a majority of the labor for Black liberation work and are also the least likely to be financially sustained while doing it.” They claim that organizations can get their own money individuals need to be paid for doing something.

“Any and all Black women & femmes doing any work towards the liberation of Black people are encouraged to apply.” Each month the applications go into a random drawing. The winner will be paid an amount of money. The women don’t disclose how much and neither should the recipients, “Recipients will be notified via email and will receive a one-time financial gift. Number and size of gifts given will depend on the number of active subscriptions. Gift recipients are not required to disclose their gift amount to anyone for any reason. We believe Black women are the best stewards of their own funds and we do not dictate how recipients use their gifts.”

Basically if you are a black woman and claim to be an activist, you are free to apply, win, and do whatever you want with the money. So far the site has signed up 100 suckers (subscribers) to send in monthly payments.

I would like to take a moment to share some particular gems from these women because I truly believe their intentions have nothing to do with “activism” and it is important for people to see the reality behind this.

  • One thing is capitalism is where we are right now. I like to call this “survival liberation mode.” People respect what they pay for. That’s something we’re looking to capitalize on.
  • There are businesses that have been around for hundreds of years with no scrutiny, but little ol’ us—everybody wants to know everything right now and if we don’t have an exact answer, it’s a problem.
  • I don’t understand this notion of not getting paid for it. I know that it’s rooted somewhere in this notion that 1. Black labor should be free and 2. That any work you do toward liberation or activism becomes worthless if it’s not free.

The idea of minorities being given reparations for oppression is not a new one but Mac and Johnson are taking it to a modern art form. They want money and are willing to exploit guilt to get it. To be sure, many of their grants will go to friends and family. The corruption runs deep here.

If you are struck by guilt or simply would like to help people, there are many charitable organizations that will use money and donations to do honestly help people in need. Please consider those, because this one is an absolute scam and pushes more racial tensions between Americans.

Democrats better wake up fast. This is not a race war, but they are quickly making it one.

Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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