Idiot Kicks Cop In The Balls ..Soon Learns A Lesson That Leaves Girlfriend Shrieking (video)

Rules to live by! When you touch someone, especially in places he shouldn’t be touched that way, be prepared to be touched. Not a rule, but a nice idea!

A young man learned a valuable lesson in a hard way when he decided it would be fun to kick a police officer between the legs.

In a video posted to Facebook on August 25, we can see the same man standing next to his girlfriend while he is surrounded by cops in yellow reflective jackets. It’s funny how her boyfriend hit first and she started screaming and then after he gets knocked out she starts screaming even more.

As the police officer who is Romanian according to the video was trying to calm him down the man stepped back and punched the cop in his “intimate part.”

One thing about delivering a punch in “sensitive” parts! You better put him on the ground because you just escalate a fight on a higher level.

It’s almost like the cop was wearing “cup” because the kick didn’t seem to phase him. He quickly punches the man back and so strong, and then he responded accordingly to someone trying to assault him.

This thought the man to think twice in future before he pulls something similar again.

I don’t know what this man thought was going to happen to him when he decided to punch the police officer. But, I am sure as he lyes on the co concrete he thinks that was a bad decision.

However, I don’t know what his girlfriend was doing! A woman screaming on the top of her lungs has never improved a single situation! Screaming like this just makes a woman look ridiculous!

But if we’ve learned something that is: Don’t start something that you can’t finish kid and don’t hit a cop or you will get arrested for assault and have to pay the consequences!

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Natalie D.

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